Ultimate4Trading Demo Account

Ultimate4TradingUltimate4Trading is an online trading tool designed to assist traders in improving their success levels when trading on binary options. Based on a highly complex algorithm, Ultimate4Trading presents users with a wide selection of binary options and suggests to the trader whether they should ‘call’ or ‘put’ on each option. The suggested binary options trades from Ultimate4Trading are exceptionally reliable, with an accuracy rate of more than 70%. The software is completely free to use with no fees or commitment required.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is the Ultimate4Trading demo account. U4T demo version is exactly the same as the real version, only trades are made with virtual money, without ever requiring a single investment from the user. Traders can check out the software at their leisure, using the Ultimate4Trading demo account for as long as they wish.


Practice in the demo mode
All the suggested binary options in the Ultimate4Trading demo are based on real time trades and are exactly the same as the options presented in the real mode. This means traders can try the software with genuinely accurate results, allowing them to really get a feel for it before they start trading with real money. As mentioned, there is no commitment required, and no obligation for traders to continue onto the real money version.  Ultimate4Trading offers users a wide selection of binary options on assets including leading international stocks, currency pairs, indices and commodities such gold or crude oil.

Ultimate4Trading Demo AccountTo use the U4T demo account, you simply need to fill in the short sign up form and log into the software. Once this is done you have a choice of whether to trade in the demo version or real version. After opening the demo version, a selection of all available binary options will be displayed. Traders just need to choose the options they want to trade on, enter the amount (in the demo account this is just ‘virtual’ money) and click on ‘Trade’. From there it is the same as with any binary options trading. You simply need to sit back and wait for your trade to expire to see if you were successful.

Of course, you don’t need to actually sit and wait: You can carry on trading on other binary options offered by U4T, or you can log out of the software and come back to it later to check the outcome. A list of all your trades, both those that are still open, as well as those that have already expired, are listed in your trading history.   Successful trades are indicated with a green tick.

Along with the very high levels of accuracy, the Ultimate4Trading demo account is what sets this trading system apart from other tools designed to assist traders. The ability to fully understand the software and know exactly how it works before you use it for real is a huge advantage both for new traders and professionals.ultimate4trading

U4T can be used in conjunction with several leading, fully regulated and authorized binary options trading platforms. When a trader decides to move from the Ultimate4Trading demo account to the real version, he simply needs to click on the ‘Deposit’ button. This will link the trader directly to the current selected broker where he can make a deposit. From there you are taken back to the U4T software, which handpicks the trades it deems to have more than a 70% chance of success, and presents them to the user.

This super simple way of trading with its transparent demo account means that users can trade in complete confidence, knowing exactly what to expect and how to use this increasingly popular trading system.

Ultimate 4 Trading